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We love you, Timmy and Nana <3


Tim Hagan 1/22/09


Jini Hagan 3/31/09

Autism Day - what to expect


How much does it cost?

Nothing! Families do not need to pay to attend and you don't need to rsvp - just show up! It is absolutely free and sponsored by families and businesses who've come together to create a supportive network and environment for folks whose lives are touched by autism.
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Where do I park?

There is parking right across the street from Jubilee Farm. Signs will be posted. There will be some designated handicapped parking spots closest to the farm. back to top

What should I bring?

Although the event is free, there are some booths selling items. Also, our food vendor will be selling lunch plates on the porch. You may also bring your own food with you if you just want to pull up a spot and picnic. With the Sprinkler Station as well as the various water activities at some booths, be prepared to get wet! Oh, and bring sunscreen!!!

Do the event t-shirts come in kids sizes?

You bet! T-shirts come in youth XS-S-M-L and adult S-M-L-XL (and a few XXL). They are free to the first 600 participants. We are excited that his year 35 of the free children's event t-shirts were donated by SoftClothing. back to top

How many people usually come to Autism Day?

This year we expect 400+ families at Autism Day. We will have 600 free t-shirts and 275 info bags set up at the front booth to give out for free while supplies last. Even though the numbers are large, the farm is big and absorbs the crowd well. Booths are spaced out as best as they can be so as not to overwhelm our more sensitive guests. back to top

What if it rains?

Autism Day will happen rain or shine. Let's hope for shine!! back to top

What animals will be there?

There is an egg mobile chicken coop, ducks, pigs, turkeys; more animals may make it to the farm before the event. The cows are a bit too far away to visit this year. This year we will have therapy dogs!
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Is there produce for sale? Can I pick food or flowers at the farm?

Jubilee Farm is a membership farm. More than 425 families are part of this community supported agriculture (CSA). Members either come to the farm to pick up their share of produce (this includes their u-pick share for the week), or they have their share delivered to a nearby depot station. Unfortunately, the produce and flowers at the farm are part of the membership and are not available for one-time purchases. It is not ok to pick produce from the fields. But there are some goodies in the barn for sale, so head on in and check out the wares. In the past, there have been ice cream bars, natural sodas, snacks, trinkets and cookbooks for sale. It changes yearly. back to top

What kinds of games and activities are there for the kids?

There are so many things available! Outside of the fact that Jubilee Farm is a beautiful place already, there will be plenty of activities to choose from. The fastest way to learn about the day are to check out the vendor booth activities list and the event schedule. back to top

How often are the hayrides?

The hayrides are run by volunteers from Jubilee Farm. They have teamed up in the past to have as many rides around the farm as possible for the duration of the event. There is not a strict schedule, but the rides begin shortly after Autism Day opens. back to top

Will there be food and drink?

Yes. This year we will have Patty Pan Grill providing food at the event. Other vendors will be providing snacks, drinks, and bakery items. Bottled water is provided at no charge next to the First Aid Station. back to top

Can I bring my own picnic?

Absolutely! back to top

Will there be GFCF food available?

Patty Pan says that their menu has a GFCF option. Their menu is posted online. Please check the menu yourself to see if the food they offer will work for your family. Please be aware that they only take cash.
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What happens if my child gets overloaded?

Well, for one, you won't need to worry! Everyone here understands and no one is here to judge! There is a Quiet Zone set up under the grapevines at the south end of the event (check the event map when you get to Autism Day). Sensory Planet has soothing activities set up under the cool, quiet arbor. Feel free to hang out for as long as you like! LEO will be right next door with bunnies to pet. back to top

How did Autism Day start?

Autism Day has been a local tradition since 2001.

"I remember how difficult it was to go anywhere as a family when my son was younger. There were very few places that could both accommodate his differences as well as provide fun for the whole family. When I did find someplace special, an oasis, I would melt into a relaxation I had not noticed I had been missing. I could let my guard down. Jubilee Farm was such a place, and I have been a member for over a decade now. Owners Erick and Wendy are community-minded people who welcome Autism Day to their farm annually." - Lynne Banki

Autism Day is a free, fun-filled event designed for families touched by autism - a chance to relax in a beautiful setting surrounded by people who understand. Various companies, service providers and organizations wishing to reach out to the autism community set up space at Autism Day at no charge - they need only provide a free activity with our children in mind. The event is casual. The farm (equipped with handicapped parking) can handle a large number of people without getting too crowded, and activities are intentionally spread out, which is important for people with autism who might find crowds and noise difficult. This year, we expect 150 families to participate. Autism Day is a chance for families to connect with others who understand autism, and exchange ideas and resources. The goal for Autism Day is to create a living directory of services, organizations and support groups sensitive to the needs of the autism community.

The entire community is welcome. The more people who learn about autism, the better. Awareness promotes acceptance.

Lynne Banki says, "When I first moved to Washington, I was isolated not only by my newcomer status, but also as the parent of a child on the autism spectrum. There were many people who helped me get on my feet - teaching me about services, offering support. I never forgot the help they gave me and decided that when things got easier for me, I would do the same for other families going through similar struggles. Autism Day is a big part of that committment." back to top

Can anyone reserve booth space?

Companies aren't the only people who reserve booth space at Autism Day. Individuals are welcome to present as well. Do you have information about a therapy that worked for your child? Do you or your child have a special interest they would like to display? As long as an activity is provided for the children, Autism Day welcomes anyone wishing to reach out to our community. This is a great place to share information! back to top

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! Some vendors bring there own volunteers, but there is always help needed at the event. If set-up and break-down doesn't sound exciting, help out at the sprinkler station, or on the hayrides. Are you interested in learning more about autism? This would be a great place to start! Please contact Deb Marceau if you would like to volunteer at the event. back to top

How do I help support Autism Day?

Autism Day is a free event linking families with community services, support groups, interested vendors and other families dealing with autism. Attending Autism Day and reserving booth space at Autism Day will remain free. Autism Day's primary form of financial support comes from the donations and event advertisers. Companies and individuals can support Autism Day through a variety of advertising options, including info bag inserts, t-shirt advertising, event signage, and post-a-page porch ads. We are always coming up with new ways for people to help out. Check out our fundraising page! This year we will also be having our first raffle to raise money for the event. back to top


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